The bimonthly “Raid & Security” magazine has established itself as the most credible, authoritative and accurate publication of its sector in the Greek language. Written by professional journalists with personal experience in Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the use of relevant equipment, as well as professionals in the sector. The magazine editors and contributors provide a competent, independent, unbiased and balanced analysis of relevant developments in Greece and the world, unique in the Hellenic media.



Main subjects covered by the “Raid & Security” magazine are:


  • The Hellenic and international special operations concepts,
  • The activities and capabilities of the Hellenic and international SOFs,
  • The evolution of SOF equipment technology,
  • The procurement programs of SOF equipment by the Hellenic armed forces,
  • The relevant international operational experience.


The high-quality content is combined with an unrivaled printing quality and the most modern presentation and graphical design concepts were texts, rich and often original and exclusive photographic material, diagrams, maps and detailed tables are dynamically balanced.


“Raid & Security” magazine is printed in 15.000 copies, of which 7.000 are sold in various sales point in Greece and Cyprus. In addition, 800 copies are distributed in subscriptions, to the armed forces, police, as well as in private and public organizations active in the field.







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  • Through“Raid & Security” magazine.


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